Why should I choose Appello Real Estate?

With more than a decade of experience working right across the Dubai property sector, Appello Real Estate is recognised as a trusted, reliable, and client-focused agency. Fully RERA-registered and with an unrivalled insider knowledge of the best homes and best deals on the Dubai market, Appello is a company you can have total faith in.

Is now a good time to buy a property in Dubai?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Despite global economic ups and downs, Dubai has weathered any storms due to the high-quality homes it has on offer, as well as having an amazing, glamorous lifestyle and year-round sun. With new construction projects coming onto the market all the time, there are lots of options to choose from too.

Which emirates does Appello Real Estate operate in?

For now, Appello is a Dubai property specialist, but there are plans underway to expand across the UAE and beyond.

What’s the process for buying a property in Dubai?

Dubai does have some unique aspects when it comes to buying a property compared to other global markets, but the government has made great strides in making the processes easier. For an in-depth rundown of each step check out the Appello Real Estate Guide to Buying.

What’s the process to for selling a property in Dubai?

If you want to sell your Dubai property, the good news is there is always high demand – but you must ensure all the correct legal procedures are followed. Using a trusted, experienced real estate agent is the essential first step. For an in-depth rundown of the processes check out the Appello Real Estate Guide to Selling.

What kind of properties are listed on your website?

There is a wide range of properties on our website, from sprawling family villas to chic city apartments – and from smart townhouses in new developments, to beachfront homes with a holiday vibe. To get a better idea of what is available that would match your set criteria speak to one of our agents today.

How can I book a viewing of a property I’ve seen on your website?

That’s easy. Simply call +971 600 52 2233 and our team will put you through to the relevant agent. Or, you can send us an email with the reference code of the property you’re interested in to support@appello.com and we will come back to you within in 24 hours.

Do you offer home loan services?

Appello Real Estate does not directly offer home loan services, but we can put you in touch with our preferred partners who can help you with any financial assistance you may require.

What is ‘freehold’ property?

Buying property on a ‘freehold’ basis means that it is registered in the owner’s name by way of a Title Deed registered in the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The owner has the right to sell, lease or rent the property at their discretion. Areas for freehold properties are designated areas for expats, whereas non-freehold property is property limited to UAE and GCC Nationals.

What is RERA?

RERA is the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and part of the Dubai Land Department (DLD), an important government agency which licenses real estate agents, brokers and developers and regulates all related activities in Dubai. To find out more visit www.dubailand.gov.ae.

What is the difference between list price, sales price, and appraised value?

The list price means the asking price of the property – and this is negotiable. The sales price refers to the figure the owner will settle at. Finally, the appraised value is when the agent can provide a comparative market analysis to give a buyer a reasonable idea of what is sold and at what rate, and what is available in the market for a similar property.

How do I lease my Dubai property for rent?

When leasing out a property in Dubai there is a selection of paperwork required and a set procedure that must be followed. For an in-depth rundown of each step check out the handy Appello Real Estate Landlords Guide.