Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to you as an unregistered (unauthorized) user, member, being a registered (authorized) user or advertiser at (the Website). This privacy policy sets out how we store and deal with your user information. When registering at or using the website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following privacy policy and terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with privacy policy or terms and conditions of use, please do not register and do not use this website.

What does our Website server collect?
We collect user’s data that was voluntarily provided during the registration process.
Such as:

  • Email addresses
  • Password (from the profile on
  • Name and surname
  • Other information (that maybe asked from you)

Why do we collect user’s information (data)?
In order to identify you as a user who has/hasn’t full access to our Website, to contact, inform, respond to inquiries and to better service you.

What are we doing with user’s data?
All your data that you have provided will be storage and kept private by Website’s server.

Personal Data Security
We use a variety of web and physical security tools to protect your personal information. Collected personal data is only accessible by a limited number of persons. Your email addresses will not be sold, given or shown but only be used to communicate and service you. Your password will be kept in encrypted format and will not be sold, given or shown.
Your user name and surname will be kept hidden by default from other users except your login name that always will be visible.

Cookies are small data files that a website you visit may save on your computer. Our Website uses cookies to improve our service, customize users' experience and satisfy the desires of the Website users.

In case of the violations of Website’s Terms and Condition of Use, Privacy Policy, content that violates other's rights or the laws of the United Arab Emirates, we have the rights to disclose your personal data to respond to public authorities of UAE and of other countries.

Notification of changes in Privacy policy
Administration of the Website may update this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice to the users. There will probably be slight changes in privacy policy but we will always maintain the main principle that we will not sell, give or show any personal information. You are advised to review this privacy policy regularly for most recent changes.

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