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These Terms of use apply to you as an unregistered (unauthorized) user, member, being a registered (authorized) user or advertiser at appello.com (the Website).When registering at appello.com or using the Website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of use and Privacy policy. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions or with the Privacy policy please do not register and do not use this Website.

User and administration:

Administrator (or administration) – a person (or a group of people) who owns the all the relevant exclusive property rights to the Website that located by the address: http://www.appello.com
Exclusive property rights that belongs to the appello.com are: the Website domain name, software of the Website, design (graphic design) of the Website, images, videos, database, text, forum, chats, comments, any section or subsection of the Website such as:  Auto, Moto, Heavy Vehicle and etc., as well as any information placed on the Website by administration(s) and user(s).

User – a person who has passed the registration procedure on Website and have registered or received individual login with password and created his own profile (authorized user).  As a user could be a person who did not passed the registration procedure (unauthorized user) and has no profile but provides access to the Website and/or uses it.

1. User email and password:

1.1 When registering (or sign in) on the Website you must provide login (e-mail address or a combination of letters and numbers) and password to have full access to the Website. Registration Form of the Website may request the user for additional information.
1.2 It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.

2. Obligations of the User:

2.1 User has to provide accurate and complete registration information (name, surname, address/location, email address or mobile phone number).
2.2 User has to upload minimum 1 image for the advertised product.
2.3 Not allowed to register more than one profile for one email address.
2.4 You as a user, when posting an advertisement on the Website, agree to provide reliable data such as images, videos or description of advertised product.
2.5 You as a user, also agree to not place false or misleading information on the Website.
2.6 Your comment(s), message(s), description of advertisement and other user’s posted records on the Website must not harm other persons, violate their personal rights, offending religious feelings, contain extremist material or condemn them. Please note, that in violation of these obligations your posted records will be deleted and you will get a warning from the administration otherwise your account will be permanently suspended. You must respect other users as yourself.
2.7 It is prohibited for user to send emails (messages) or comment that contains virus or spam (links to other websites).
2.8 It is prohibited for user to post illegal content, images that not related to the description of advertisement, pornography or other sexually explicit images, or anything that infringes any property rights in UAE and worldwide.
2.9 You must not collect and use content (data) from our Website for any marketing purposes.
2.10 You may cancel your profile.
2.11 You may edit your profile except email address and mobile phone.

3. License to use Website

3.1 You may download, use or print pages from our Website only for your own personal and business purposes.
3.2 It is prohibited to use any kind of materials from the Website for commercial purposes (without permission from administration) or any other purposes.

4. Administration liability:

4.1 Website administration is not responsible and not be liable for any loss or damage of your data such as text or images on our Website.
4.2 Website administration is not responsible and gives no warranty for the content posted by user(s). Your use of any materials on this Website is entirely at your own risk.
4.3 This Website may also include link(s) to other advertiser's websites (it could be text or an image) but we will not be liable for their content because we have no control other the websites of third parties.
4.4 We may cancel, suspend or edit any content that user registered/posted/uploaded/wrote on our Website without user’s permission.
4.5 We do our best to provide you a good service and highest level of support. However, Administration takes no responsibility and not be liable for the Website being temporarily unavailable caused by technical problems.
4.6 Website reserves the right to change the Terms of use and Privacy policy from time to time without prior notice to the users. You are advised to review this Terms and Conditions of Use regularly for most recent changes.

5. User Service:

5.1 If you have any complaints, questions or comments regarding the Website please contact as via email:  service@appello.com
5.2 All emails (or letters) that will be received on e-mail will be answered by administration within 1 or 3 days. Administration also has the rights to not reply to any emails.

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